When it comes to choosing treatment for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, finding the right professional who understands you and your unique needs and challenges is crucial. We know there are other providers out there. Digital therapy platforms have recently gained popularity, in part due to their nation-wide multi-million dollar advertising campaign with celebrity endorsers. It is important to recognize the value of consulting with a true anxiety and OCD specialist who can provide personalized care tailored to your specific circumstances and goals. 

Specialized Expertise

 As our name implies, all our therapists at Anxiety & OCD Treatment Specialists are, well, specialists. As a patient of ours, you can rest assured that your therapist is highly trained in the most effective treatment approach. We have undergone extensive training and education specifically in these areas, and continue to undergo regular continuing education in this very specialized modality. Patients talk to us about their previous attempts at getting treatment. They often say something along the lines of: 

  • “I don’t think my therapist was specialized.”
  • “My previous counselor sort of knew about OCD, but didn’t know about ERP”
  • “My previous provider didn’t even realize that I was struggling with OCD.” 
  • “My previous therapist mostly talked about their own experiences.” 
  • “My previous counselor just told me to do coping skills like breathing exercises, mindfulness, and journaling.” 
  • “My previous therapist gave me a ton of reassurance.”
  • “My previous therapist specialized in ERP treatment, but they never did exposures with me.” 

This list could go on and on. The amount of money and time spent by many people struggling with OCD before they finally find the appropriate provider is very sad and infuriating. Our specialized expertise allows us to provide nuanced and targeted interventions that can make a significant difference in your recovery. 

Quality Control

 As the owner and creator of Anxiety & OCD Treatment Specialists, not only can I ensure that everyone working here is properly specialized in their field, but that and are providing top-notch quality treatment. We hold weekly staff meetings and in-services to review cases (while maintaining full patient confidentiality). While online platforms offer convenience and accessibility, most times you do not know the credentials of your therapist. In addition, they are unable to offer a higher level of care that is available to our patients, including intensive outpatient sessions. Other providers, such as digital providers, can lack the same level of personal connection and support that we strive to offer. “Cookie-cutter approaches” to OCD by and large do not work. Our nuanced approach to treatment is tailored to you and your specific needs. We do offer the convenience of virtual treatments as well, and our treatment quality is the same whether you see us in-person or virtually. Our team has one goal and that is to get you better!

No Insurance

 We do no accept insurance. While at first this may appear to be a negative, it does have it’s advantages. I’ve noticed that larger companies who accept insurance are often motivated to keep their patients in treatment longer, often times until their insurance company tells them that the patient must discharge. I’ve heard stories from patents about companies diluting the ERP treatment with other treatment approaches that are not appropriate for OCD So many times you can end up paying more in the long run, yet receive less benefit. 

At Anxiety & OCD Treatment Specialists, we are not controlled by insurance companies. We will not dilute your treatment. We are efficient and have an ethical practice where we consider your time and financial resources. We take this very seriously. Your mental health is an investment that we don’t take lightly.

 We Will Do Exposures With You

 I have learned through patients that not all treatment providers are doing exposures with their patients. If you currently have an OCD provider who is not actively doing exposures with you, that’s unacceptable! This is a very active treatment approach. All exposures that you can do in a session should be done with your therapist first. Don’t settle for a lazy therapist. 


Choosing any therapist can be a difficult, personal decision and deserves careful consideration. The therapists at Anxiety & OCD Treatment Specialists offer flexible and accessible options, and the benefit of our unique and comprehensive training, approach, and personal touch cannot be overstated. We hope to be able to assist you in your journey towards improved mental well-being. We genuinely enjoy what we do and are honored when patients choose us. 

This blog is written by Natalie Noel, LMHC

Anxiety & OCD Treatment Specialists is located in Tampa, Florida. However, we have providers who are licensed in both Florida and New York. We provide both in-person and virtual sessions. Contact us today! 813-812-4940.

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