Dating is exciting.

I work with a lot of people who come up with all kinds of creative excuses to not date. You got to call it for what it is, dating anxiety. It’s ok to own it! Dating is presented as this complicated thing when teenagers start to date. I’m not quite sure why, but regardless of the reasons, I love working with people who want help with dating! Dating doesn’t just have to be about finding a partner. Every person you meet has a different story. You will learn from each date about who you are, your preferences, different types of careers, cultures, hobbies, etc. Even if you end up going out on a date with a complete ass, you will learn more about yourself such as your preferences in a partner and how you assert yourself to asses. All the unknowns are pretty exciting if you allow them to be.


You think you’re awkward? Ok. Maybe you are and maybe there’s a partner out there who will find your “awkwardness” endearing. You think you’re unattractive? Oh honey, there’s no time to waste on such subjective judgments. There’s someone out there who will find you (mind and body) to be attractive. Own your body by enjoying it! Sexiness is a state of mind. You need to concentrate on your academics or career? Really? You honestly think that you can’t be driven and successful (whatever that means to you) if you’re pursuing love. You and I both know there’s plenty of accomplished people out there who are also enjoying their romantic life. The excuses are endless!

It really about self-esteem.

Ok we’ve all heard of people who need to work on their self-esteem, but what does that mean exactly? Like everything else I write about, it’s about your own behaviors. In other words, it’s a choice to think and behave in ways that are in your best interest. You CHOOSE to have better self-esteem! How this manifests in your behaviors is entirely up to you. What would make you feel better about yourself? Whatever the answers are, make them happen! Life is so incredibly short. Don’t waste your time.


There’s more than one way to flirt. You can be overt or subtle. For some, being direct and saying things like they are is their way of flirting. Whatever your way is, there’s no shame in it. Do it! It’s fun and it’s a sign of confidence.

Date more.

Basically, if you have dating anxiety, there’s only one way to get over it. DATE MORE! Get yourself out there and flaunt what you got. I don’t care how old you are and what your life circumstances are. If you’re looking for love, date.

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