Grief can be caused by the death of a loved one, a breakup/divorce, loss of job, friendship ending, or any other loss that the individual finds painful. Grief feels all consuming and is sometimes confusing because there’s a broad spectrum of symptoms that seem to shift over time. While counseling cannot rid one of the heartache experienced from grieving, it can help someone receive the necessary support while going through the grieving process. 

Avoiding the grief process might cause more pain

Some people might try to avoid the grief process altogether by using various avoidance behaviors such as putting more time in work, isolating, self-medicating with various substances, excessive watching of tv, rumination, and much more. Avoiding the grief symptoms will more than likely delay some symptoms of grieving for a later time while potentially enhancing others such as anger. Grief counseling can help the individual process and vent throughout the process, allowing them to face the various stages of grief. Grief counseling allows for the client to dedicate the necessary time needed for healing.

Complicated grief

Like most mental health concerns, grief has a variety of symptoms that are on a spectrum of severity. Typical symptoms include sadness, tearfulness, anger, lack of motivation, some sleep and appetite disturbances and more. However, symptom severity can worsen to the extent that the afflicted might experience suicidal ideation, substance abuse, drastic behavioral change and emotional disturbances. This is called complicated grief and a more specific psychotherapy approached is utilized that incorporates behavioral therapy.

We recognize that even though everyone experiences grief at some point, your particular experience is still unique and incredibly vulnerable to share. Being vulnerable takes courage therefore people who successfully complete grief counseling are able to report increased strength, insight, and overall sense of peace. 

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