People are stressed!

Conversations with clients have shifted since March. We have a new focus on helping clients choose fun and spontaneity during what seems like a really mundane time. It’s important to still prioritize your mental health during the pandemic. We know! You have kids at home whom you’re assisting with e-learning. You are working from home and barely see people socially. Your college classes are now virtual. Your spouse is more fearful of the pandemic than you are or vice versa. You’ve been challenged with impossible decisions. You are fatigued by current events. We get it! The first step is to find someone you can process these issues with and sometimes that is best done with a therapist. Identifying your stressors is always the first step for stress management.

Get Help.

Talking to a therapist about how your life has been impacted by current events is so important for good mental health. Unfortunately, we are seeing clients lose their creativity during a time when creativity to so important. Do you feel backed into a corner with the quarantine or feel that you’ve become too rigid? We are here to help!

We can help you find ways to make your life more simple starting today. We can help you sift through all the information that is thrown at you. There’s been one serious issue after another and we want to make sure you don’t lose your humor or motivation for fun.

Flexibility is key.

Flexibility will be imperative. Have you refused to socialize since March? If so, has that helped your mental health or even your marriage? Are you snapping at your kids more? Now is the time to find flexible and creative ways to get back to a life where you are having some fun. Perhaps you or a friend have a big patio where you can kick back and enjoy some fun with friends while socially distancing. Maybe you can find creative ways to do game night virtually with friends. Maybe you and a group of people can go kayaking together. Even community involvement can happen during a pandemic. There are tons of ideas!

Enjoy your partner.

First and foremost, enjoy your spouse/partner alone and still get that necessary time away from the kids. Yes, it is possible. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to avoid what is truly important. We’ve had a few cases recently where the client’s focus has been only on the children. Everyone is bogged down with whether they should let their children return to school or stay home. That is a tough decision. However, it’s even more important that children have parents who are connecting with each other and demonstrating light-heartedness and fun during a difficult and confusing time.

Don’t stop dating.

If you are dating, don’t stop because of the quarantine. We’ve had some clients who are on dating websites and are going on virtual dates. Most have reported that it has been a fun way to get to know someone. You can still go on dates that are strictly outdoors and this introduces an element of adventure for the dating scene.

The pandemic and current events are no excuses to keep from having fun.
The pandemic isn’t ending any time soon from what we can tell. Decisions will still be difficult and knowing what’s right will still be confusing. This we know. But, how you approach this time is all up to you and your choices. Call us if you wish to work through some of the pandemic/current event blues. We are here for you!


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