There are several different forms of depression, but all have similar symptoms. Persistent depressed mood and loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities are the main components of depression. Clients feel sad, worthless, and hopeless throughout most of the day. Lack of motivation and fatigue are prevalent each day. Interruptions in sleep patterns and appetite are common. Clients frequently report difficulty with concentrating and making decisions. Suicidal or death ideations are also typical with depression. Depressive symptoms worsen as the individual avoids behaviors once enjoyed and isolates. Men tend to have lower insight about their depression and have a higher chance of avoiding help.

Psychotherapy modalities for depression include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and behavioral activation (BA). During treatment a client will have daily homework assignments. They will engage in activities they once desired despite not being motivated. Medication is commonly used to treat depression.

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Treatment is available in person, via video conference, and over the phone for patients in Florida and New York. In-person sessions are available in Tampa, Florida. 

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