Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Postpartum depression and anxiety are absolutely awful! Women go in thinking that having a baby will be a joyful event and develop this instantaneous bond with their infant. If it happens that way, wonderful! However, not all women enter motherhood this way. If you are experiencing any postpartum depression or anxiety, please contact Natalie Noel, LMHC, immediately. She will try to see you as soon as she can and will recommend psychiatrists who specialize in women’s health. It is heartbreaking when postpartum depression/anxiety ruin the joy of having a baby. If you are struggling with this, please know that you will get through it!

Some people who experience postpartum depression may feel more anxious than depressed. Those who have previously struggled with OCD or an anxiety disorder might feel an acute onset of symptoms after pregnancy. Treatment is needed and the client will get better.

CBT is used to treat postpartum anxiety/depression. Cognitive therapy is used along with behavioral therapy modalities such as behavioral activation and ERP if needed. The specific approach depends on whether the client is feeling more depressed or more anxious and if the client is anxious, what the triggers are. Regardless of the specifics, the client will get better and eventually experience the joy of motherhood. Having a partner involved in at least one session is also ideal.

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Treatment is available in person, via video conference, and over the phone for patients in Florida and New York. In-person sessions are available in Tampa, Florida. 

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