Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder which cause intense and extreme fear of an object or situation, which may include insects, heights, group settings, injections, vomiting, blood, and more. Those with phobias will go to extreme lengths to avoid the feared stimuli. Phobias can become debilitating due to interferences in functioning related to school, work, or leisure.

Phobias are incredibly easy to treat because there is usually one trigger. Symptoms are not nearly as secretive or manipulative as other anxiety disorders or OCD. Don’t waste another minute on a phobia. Get help!

Exposure response prevention (ERP) is the treatment used for phobia. Typically the treatment is swift with phobias.

To learn more about exposure response prevention treatment (ERP), please click here.

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Treatment is available in person, via video conference, and over the phone for patients in Florida and New York. In-person sessions are available in Tampa, Florida. 

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