Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is caused by direct exposure to an actual or near-death event, serious injury, sexual assault, or accident. Someone suffering from PTSD may be the victim of a trauma or could have witnessed a traumatic event. As a result, one may experience intrusive memories of the event, have startled responses, feel an increased alertness to possible threat, distressing dreams, flashbacks, and more. PTSD will interfere with one’s functioning, mood, and thoughts. Clients avoid triggering objects or situations that remind them of the traumatic event. Due to this kind of avoidance, prolonged exposure therapy is often needed if PTSD symptoms persist.

To learn more about exposure response prevention treatment (ERP), please click here.

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Treatment is available in person, via video conference, and over the phone for patients in Florida and New York. In-person sessions are available in Tampa, Florida. 

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