Habit Reversal Training (HRT)

Habit reversal training (HRT) is like CBIT. HRT can also be used for trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and excoriation (skin picking). Awareness training is the first step. Those who are pulling their hair might also put the pulled hair in baggies daily for a week to help with tracking. Clients also use pictures to assist in tracking their own progress. A competing response is created by the client. The competing response is a behavior that takes the place of the pulling or picking. The competing response must be able to be maintained for a couple of minutes and be discreet. Clients do the treatment at their work, school, or anywhere in public. Relaxation and coping mechanisms are implemented throughout treatment. The client will also use basic, natural products to alter the skin or hair, if needed, to help reduce the reinforcing gratification they are getting from the behavior.

For more information, please visit The TLC Foundation website here.

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Treatment is available in person, via video conference, and over the phone for patients in Florida and New York. In-person sessions are available in Tampa, Florida. 

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